Deep Casting Epoxy Resin

The MAKEART™ R1810 Deep Casting System is a solvent free, UV resistant, liquid epoxy resin formulated for use with H1810 hardener.
Specifically designed as a low odour, very low viscosity, crystal clear, ultra high gloss shallow casting resin that will self-level, and cure at room temperature. Available in a variety of sizes.
Technical Data Sheet MAKEART R1810

Product Description

MAKEART™ R1810  may be directly poured into molds to produce a deep gloss surface that does not require polishing. Pigments and dyes can be added to the system to produce a variety of colours. Large volumes of mixture will increase the cure to solid state time.
100 parts resin to 43 parts hardener by weight.
2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume.
MAKEART™ R1810 Deep Casting System can be used up to 50 mm thickness.
*When casting large volumes, cast 10mm depth at a time.

Not suitable for structural uses, such as river tables. Can be used as a timber knot hole filler. It can be used for art purposes only.



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