Expert tips for Casting Flowers in Resin

February 1, 2021

Resin artist, Sheri Vegas shares her tips of the trade for casting with flowers:

  • Dry flowers are the best (compared to fresh flowers) for casting in resin
  • Any object you want to use must be completely dry, or moisture will get trapped and rot the flowers
  • Silica gel can be used to dry out flowers, and can be re-used once they’re dried out
  • Put your fresh flowers in Silica gel to remove the moisture
  • You can also dry flowers with a Microfleur microwave flower press, following the instructions
  • Another way is the traditional book method, using a book with matt-paper pages (not gloss), such as a phone book
  • CRYSTAL CAST by MAKEART is ideal for casting flowers in paper weights, jewellery, platters and other small pieces
  • CRYSTAL CAST has a very high UV resistance, staying clear and keeping your flowers vibrant for longer
  • Layering over multiple pours is important to keep your flowers in place, as they will float to the top if you pour all at once, and the heat from the resin can change the colour of the flowers
  • Before you make your piece, do a test with your chosen flowers so you don’t waste your resin on an important piece or ruin your flowers, particularly if they’re sentimental, like a bridal bouquet!
More information on working with CRYSTAL CAST 1810 and to purchase on-line at