MAKEART Resin Systems are low odour, ultra high gloss, and easy-to-use. Creating The PERFECT FINISH for clear and tinted art and casting applications.


Specifically designed as crystal clear, ultra high gloss resins with excellent air release properties


MAKEART™ Resin Systems use UV stabilizers to minimise the harmful effects of UV light on epoxy resins, these stabilisers provide long term UV protection


Suitable for resin art, clear coating, art projects, jewellery making, coasters, molds and artistic castings. Let your creative juices flow!
MAKEART Products

Australian Made Epoxy Resins

About Our Products
    • MAKEART™ ART RESIN is specifically formulated to produce a smooth, crystal-clear, ultra-high-gloss surface finish for Resin Art.

      The system has been optimised to accept, and "hold" coloured pigments and other additives for you to create your own unique colours for multi-layered artworks.

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  • TOPCOAT 1805
    • MAKEART® TOPCOAT 1805 is a 2-part, ultra-clear formulation with exceptional UV resistance and colour stability that can be used as a topcoat over canvas art, photographs and prints to imitate a clear “glass” finish.

      With an easy 1:1 mix ratio TOPCOAT 1805 also be tinted to create transparent colours for added depth and/or specialised effects.

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    • MAKEART® CRYSTAL CAST 1810 is a crystal-clear formulation that will self-level and cure at room temperature to create moulded jewellry and small 3-dimensional artistic castings.

      CRYSTAL CAST 1810 is VOC and Solvent free and has excellent air release and UV stability, and has been optimised to accept pigments and embedded objects to create colourful, creative and high- gloss castings.

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CRYSTAL CAST 1810: the crystal-clear combination to create your own jewellery

Making your own resin jewellery is easy and crystal-clear with the new product from MAKEART® – CRYSTAL CAST 1810. CRYSTAL CAST 1810 is a crystal-clear epoxy casting resin that will self-level and cure at room temperature to create moulded jewellry and small 3-dimensional artistic castings. It’s free of Volatile Organic...

MAKƎART™ RESIN Heat Resistance

Clarity, “colour hold” and UV resistance for ART RESIN applications had been our main focus in the formulation process, but the question on heat resistance for coasters and teapot stands is a regular one, so our chemists performed some in-house testing. The Tg of our MAKƎART™ RESIN noted on the...

MAKƎART™ evolved from expertise

Drawing on 40 years’ experience in epoxy formulation, ATL Composites has branched into the creative field of Resin Art with its new range known as MAKƎART™ RESIN. Entering the creative realm of art was a logical progression for ATL, renowned as an innovative epoxy formulator and supplier to industries such...

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